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Allyson was born in Provo, Utah and shortly after moved to Taylorsville where she lived  until she was nine. She has one older sister and three younger sisters under the age of six so her home life was a little hectic with her family of seven. For years random people would ask her if she was adopted because she had red hair; her parents and most of her sisters had black hair. Allyson and her sister Kaitlin have red hair and look very similar despite being six years apart. Her dad still likes to mess around with them saying he’s not their biological father, but they got their red hair from their great grandma. 

One thing that Allyson is interested in is music. When she was in eighth grade, she started playing cello. She wanted to play flute but decided cello would be better. She likes it but it isn’t something she wants to keep doing after highschool. Over the years of learning to play and getting better she grew more and more bored of the instrument but loved to play in symphonies with her school. She’s been playing for more than four years and has met many friends throughout the years. She played acoustic guitar for a while but then dropped it. 

One of her accomplishments is getting the bilingual literacy in spanish during sophomore year. She is going to get the certificate this year and has worked very hard for it. Her parents are Argentine, and her mom was born there. She grew up in a spanish speaking home so she understands it very well. She never picked up how to speak it so she began taking the class in seventh grade; then her sophomore year she took honors spanish and did very well. She has always liked learning new skills and wants to continue getting better at speaking spanish and spending time with her family.

Allyson Swank, Staff Writer

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Allyson Swank