The Silver Scribe

Sean Alexander Christner, born in Denver, Colorado moved to Utah as a one year old to Taylorsville (ghetto side) he then moved to Riverton in 2010 and has remained ever since. Sean is currently a sophomore at Riverton high school, he has strong views of the world and how it is run. These views of the world have given Sean a strong preference to writing op/ed so he can “expose” the wrongs in the world.

Some interest that Sean has are woodworking, theology, and teaching wood shop, he also has a strong interest in pre-Renaissance European history. Music that Sean listens to is metal, some bands he listens to are Sabaton, Powerwolf and Hammerfell. Sean does not have many accomplishments except good grades that is all he has to offer in the form of feits of excellency.

Sean Christner, Staff Writer

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