The Silver Scribe

Matthew Vernon Linsey Drachman is an interesting, and often times to some a weird individual.  Matthew is a student that is currently studying at Riverton High School and his pastime he is a son, debater, re-enactor, historian, and all around a funny and nice guy.  Several interests of Matthew included politics, history, and gaming.  If you were to ask Matthew what his favorite part of American history is, he would tell you the American Civil War, saying “It was such a rich time for history to be made and a great test for our country to see if it would last the centuries.”  In the future Matthew hopes to either become a doctor, or possibly become the President of The United States. Matthew has always been a firm believer in patriotism, he will probably be the most patriotic person you will ever meet.  Ever since he was little had always been taught to love the United States and respect those who serve her. Matthew’s favorite music can consist of many things.  If you were to ask him what his favorite kind of music is he would tell you that it consists of country, folk, classic rock, and one metal group, Sabaton.  Matthew loves to write Op/Ed articles, in Newspaper this year he hopes to bring a new perspective and idea’s to think about.  Hope you enjoy.  

Matthew Drachman, Staff Writer

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