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Kyra Bolander
Representation. The most important concept in Kyra Bolander’s life. Yet, that representation was at risk when she was hired at Subway. And yet again, at Olive Garden. She worked at both places and did not enjoy either one because of authority and school. Her interests do not lie there. She grew up in a very creative household, with two brothers, one older, and one younger, and also one twin sister. She is currently a student at Riverton High School attempting to create a new life.

She went to Riverton Elementary School from kindergarten to sixth grade. Then went to Oquirrh Hills Middle School from seventh to ninth grade. Her future goals for her furthered education is to go to college out of state and see where it takes her.

A lot of her hobbies include weight lifting, didging the doo, writing poems, reading, and speaking. Her biggest accomplishments are going vegan (recently), attempting to prosecute uncle (for reasons to remain unknown), and passing her driver’s test.

Her interests are music, fashion, intellect, and fine cuisine.

Kyra Bolander, Staff Writer

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