The Silver Scribe

Ever since beginning at RHS, Gabby has loved her experience.  She has taken three photography classes and she is currently in AP Photo.  Her love and passion for photography has taken her to look into multiple different career paths, including journalism.  She loves to write, be with friends, and even partake in her new passion which happens to be ‘becoming the new Van Gogh’ and learning how to paint.  She loves conspiracy theories and is a firm believer that Tupac is still alive.  She is opinionated, so opinion articles are her favorite things to write.  Also, she’s an editor on the RHS Yearbook staff, and is known for being assertive and passionate about her job.  Outside of school, she works as a Bagger at the local grocery store, Harmons.  Her favorite foods are chips and salsa from La Fountain and she recently started hand-crafting infused waters.  She usually spends her free time buying shoes and taking names.  

Gabby Gordon, Editor In Chief

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