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Dallin Haws is just normal, living life day to day, kind of guy. He goes to school, goes to work, and then sleeps on a daily basis. There's not much you could say about him, but he is indeed a special man.

He works at Midas Creek elementary school. Everyday, he has the opportunity to help make the school look and feel better.  He also works on a food truck, selling Americanized sushi. He enjoys being able to serve in anyway he can. Dallin attends Riverton High School and is currently a Senior.

Besides work and schooling, Dallin has a strong passion for the outdoors, sports and music. He will take any opportunity to either watch or play sports. Hiking in the great outdoors is a basic holiday for him. Anyday that he can play golf, he’ll take it. Football has been his passion since he was born, and in basketball he continually strives to be better just by practice. He has 5 family members; Two brothers, a Mother and a father, and 8 year old chihuahua named Zaulo.

Dallin Haws, Staff Writer

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