The Silver Scribe

Avery Simmons
Avery Simmons, the youngest of six children, is the last child living at home. She works for her mother's business, K9 Kravers, and has since the business first opened.

Avery has many hobbies a few of which are including; drawing, skating, playing video games, cooking, and baking.

Avery has played on Wasatch Juniors roller derby team, Happy Valley Prodigies roller derby team, and the non school sanctioned Riverton all girls football team.

Avery has been to many different schools in her life due to constant moving. She has learned to adapt to where she lives and can make new friends even as grades get higher and the cliques get tighter.

Avery likes to read manga and comic books. She always checks in with the most recent game informer and is a self taught artist.

Avery Simmons, Staff Writer

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