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Arianna Palacios-Moran
Arianna Marcella Palacios-Moran is a 17 year old student at Riverton High School. She transferred in November of 2017 from Hunter High School, and is no stranger to starting over at a new school. Although she is very quiet at first, she enjoys being able to make new friends wherever she goes. Arianna is planning on graduating early for the 2018-2019 year. Her favorite classes are English and History. She enjoys covering topics about natural disasters and wars going on in the world today.


Palacios is currently a Poolee for the United States Marine Corps. She signed her life away July 22nd and took the oath of enlistment on August 6th, 2018. Arianna is scheduled to ship out to boot camp at Parris Island, SC on February 2019. She hopes to serve longer than 4 years and build a career from her experiences. Once out of the military, this young female hopes to attend Mary Baldwin University and major in Nursing.


Her hobbies include reading and overall staying active. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, who are from Jutiapa, Guatemala. Arianna also has some Navajo blood running through her veins thanks to her father.

Arianna Palacios-Moran, Staff Writer

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