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Amanda Bailey
Amanda Cait Bailey was born in Utah, but was raised in other states, Washington and Ohio also being home to her. She moved around due to her father’s work, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Now living in Utah with family for the last 10 years, she attends Riverton high, graduating as a senior and planning to go to school at SLCC for generals. She is working at Payless in order to pay for school.

With writing as a hobby, Amanda plans to attend the community college and an out of state college in order to receive her degree in mortuary science. Wanting to work as a funeral director, another name for mortician, has been a dream of hers. Being first generation and a women, she plans to start her own funeral home with supporting family. Also to give her the opportunity to say “I see dead people.”

Amanda spends her time when not working or at school, with the arts. Painting and writing poetry gives her an outlet to release emotions. As she attempts to get her work out to the public, she is working on turning one of her poems into a song and publishing her first poetry collection. Amanda enjoys horror movies and being with her small, but comfortable family of five with the loving companionship of her dog, Cooper, and cat Duchess.  


Amanda Bailey, Staff Writer

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