The Silver Scribe

2017-2018 Staff

Brett Bolander

News and Features Editor

Brett Bolander is a senior at Riverton High School.  He enjoys playing guitar, listening to music, and reading.  He plans on attending the University of Utah and has hopes of pursuing a career in journalism.  He is the edit...

Erica Olsen

Staff Writer.

Haley Bolton

Editor in Chief

Haley Bolton is a senior at Riverton High. She has been the Editor in Chief of the paper and on the Tabula Rasa production staff for three years. She plans on continuing in a career in journalism after graduation. She spends her...

Cory Peterson

Staff Writer.

Marima Jules

Staff Writer

Marima (Abbey) Jules was born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey. She has a twin (who is constantly reminded that thirty minutes is older), two brothers, and two sisters. At a young age, she quickly took a liking in language arts ...

Will Miles

Staff Writer.

Will Miles is a ginger boy from Riverton, Utah. In his free time, Will likes to ride his bike, perform stand up comedy, skydive, fight terrorists, and occasionally attend school. Will's experience in journalism goes back to seve...

Greg Cecala

Staff Writer

Gregory Lane Cecala is a RHS student from West Jordan. He is a burger boy, fry guy, cashier, and big brother for his main jobs. He enjoys hanging out with friends, having late nights filled with his favorite music and a great ...

Allie Harvey

Assistant Editor

Allie Harvey is a junior at Riverton with a love for all dogs. This is her first year on the paper staff and her second year on the Tabula Rasa staff. Her hobbies include writing, listening to bops, impulsive online shopping, play...

Denelle Durling

Editor in Chief

Denelle loves adventure, travelling to fun places, and going down those random paths off the side of a hiking trail. Despite this, she is still a coward, gets spooked out, and is afraid of the dark. This is mostly due to her vivid...

Marimee Toya Jules

Staff Writer

Growing up an urban/city like environment, Marimee Toya Jules mostly commonly known as “Toya,”is an east coast girl from the small town of Irvington, New Jersey. Having attended Union middle school in good old jersey, meta...

Sadie McMorris

Staff Writer

Sadie McMorris grew up in West Jordan, Utah, until the age of thirteen when she moved to Herriman, Utah. At age seventeen moved to Riverton, Utah. Sadie went to Westvale Elementary school in West Jordan from kindergarten to...

Sean Christner

Staff Writer

Sean Alexander Christner, born in Denver, Colorado moved to Utah as a one year old to Taylorsville (ghetto side) he then moved to Riverton in 2010 and has remained ever since. Sean is currently a sophomore at Riverton high sc...

Brockton Herget

Staff Writer

Brockton Herget is from Mountain Home, Utah. He has always lived in, and loved Utah. He works hard on mowing lawns, and other types of yard work which, includes weed pulling. He is in the 10th grade at RHS.  He likes to hang out ...

Matthew Drachman

Staff Writer

Matthew Vernon Linsey Drachman is an interesting, and often times to some a weird individual.  Matthew is a student that is currently studying at Riverton High School and his pastime he is a son, debater, re-enactor, historian,...

Dallin Haws

Staff Writer

  Dallin Haws is just normal, living life day to day, kind of guy. He goes to school, goes to work, and then sleeps on a daily basis. There's not much you could say about him, but he is indeed a special man. He wo...

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