Latter-Day Saints reports 2nd missionary testing positive for COVID-19

Latter-Day Saints reports 2nd missionary testing positive for COVID-19

Lilly Fulks, News and Features Section Editor

Salt Lake City – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints reported its second case among missionaries after a woman returned from her mission in Australia, and tested positive for the virus.


Within the statement announcing the case, the church added that they expect many more cases to come as missionaries begin to return home from various locations. 


“As the COVID-19 pandemic passes through the world, we recognize that additional missionaries will unfortunately contract the virus,” says church spokesman Daniel Woodruff.


With 67,000 missionaries serving at the beginning of the pandemic, the church has come up with a few ways to prevent the spread of the virus to both them and other individuals as much as possible.


Thousands of missionaries have already been sent back home to their country, where they will either finish their mission early, or reassigned to a mission within their country. In both cases, they have been instructed to self isolate upon return and those getting reassigned will only be allowed to begin their new assignments after their self isolation is over.


In hopes of furthering their battle against the pandemic, Woodruff also released a new policy on how the church will further handle cases. 


Public details will no longer be provided on any new cases, but instead will be put into the trust of public agencies and individuals who will then give the required notifications. They will still continue to notify anyone the individual may have come in contact with, and encourage missionaries and the people they live with to practice proper hygiene.  


“I was worried about the massive return of missionaries, especially since they were coming from all over, so I’m happy they are doing everything they can to make sure both the missionaries and the people around them are safe,” says RHS senior Colton Braiser. 


Luckily most young missionaries are not at high risk for the virus, but the church still plans to provide them with the appropriate care they need, and pray for both the missionaries and anyone else affected by this pandemic.