50 Things to do during quarantine


Emmalee Lizzarazo, Staff Writer

These past two weeks have been rough for us all, except those of us who leave our houses no matter what. Yeah, we know who you are. 


Anyway, to the rest of us who are on the verge of losing our minds, here are just a few of hundreds of things you can do to keep busy.


  1. Simple! Keep a journal of the events! Who knows, maybe one day your journal will be studied in history classes!
  2. Learn a new language! Download Duolingo or use a reliable website and learn even just a few simple sentences.
  3. Watch those movies or TV shows you promised yourself or others to watch.
  4. Read a new book, or even your favorite book again.
  5. Adapt a skin care routine! Do some studying, figure out your skin, and come back with skin clearer than water.
  6. Write actual letters to your family, not just a text or an email, write a genuine letter to your family. 
  7. Play board games with your family.
  8. Clean out your closest, make sure everything still fits and “spark joy”
  9. Go through all your junk drawers and ORGANIZE.
  10. Bake some goods! Some cookies or even a cake you have always wanted to make.
  11. Bake a meal, look at what you have in your fridge, and use what you have to make a to-die-for dinner!
  12. Knit or crochet. Make gifts for your friends.
  13. Do home yoga or pilates.
  14. Try drawing animals from memory, but not simple like a lion or a dog, draw a blobfish.
  15. Take a bubble bath! Do some self care and light some candles with it.
  16. Coloring books! Or ask a family member to draw something for you to color!
  17. Write a short story, or for those more artsy types start writing your novel! Get out some ideas!
  18. Make a fort in the family room and watch movies!
  19. Those who wear makeup, go through your collection and make sure you are not using expired products! 
  20. Make a list of everything you are grateful for! It will be nice to reflect on, especially during these hard times. 
  21. Work on a money plan! Figure out a budget for everything that you need and spend and find a way to save up!
  22. Have an indoor scavenger hunt!
  23. Do something new with your hair! If you don’t like it, then by the time we are back in school no one will ever have to know.
  24. Get TikTok famous!
  25. Make a list of everything you want to do when everything reopens!
  26. Rearrange your room.
  27. Organize the spice rack.
  28. Teach your pet new tricks.
  29. Learn a new dance via YouTube!
  30. Study a culture, theory, or alternative lifestyles that interest you!
  31. Watch Star Wars in the order they came out.
  32. Attempt things with your non-dominant hand.
  33. Practice how fast you can type! Find some websites that you can use to practice.
  34. Learn origami.
  35. Write a song.
  36. Learn astronomy. Study the constellations and try to name as many as you can.
  37. Do some art! Doodle, sketch, paint, or even pottery!
  38. Give yourself a mani-pedi. Yes, even those of you who never care for themselves.
  39. Learn Sudoku! (Does anyone actually know how to play?)
  40. Make a photo album if you have access to a printer!
  41. Make an enclosed ecosystem! With all this rain and snow the plants are in perfect condition to be harvested from your backyard!
  42. DIY some crafts! YouTube different things you can make!
  43. Practice something you are working on! Makeup, drawing, an instrument, etc!
  44. Quite a few colleges are offering free online courses, work on getting some credits!
  45. Spy on animals at the Royal Melbourne Zoo, they set up a live webcam.
  46. Listen to some new podcasts! My personal favorite is Murderous Minors (shoutout to Lindsey Gillis.)
  47. Find a live stream concert!
  48. Watch or listen to some new Ted Talks!
  49. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! In this time a deep clean is NEEDED to keep you and others healthy.
  50. And last, make sure you are getting a healthy amount of sleep. 


Ellie Jean says that she “keeps sane by watching the marvel movies in the release order so I can build the storyline.”


Tori Martian says she “plays Minecraft and people watch from her window and creates stories” about who she sees. 


With no school and most of us no work, it’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits. Hold yourself accountable. Watch your daily activities, watch your eating habits, and most importantly, make sure you are still getting some exercise!