Summer Camp : Review


Adam Melchor

Kaleb Shaeffer, Sports and Clubs Section Editor

Summer Camp is an EP recently released by indie pop musician Adam Melchor. It is his longest collection of songs, he has only released singles in the past. Adam is a funky and sweet New Jersey native whose songs are soft, warm, and sentimental. He often writes about his life experiences or fond memories from childhood. Melchor’s music is relatively unknown in the grand scheme of popular music, but he has amassed a small following online.


Summer Camp is relatively short with only 6 songs and around 18 minutes of  total run time. It’s a romantic EP, it brings you on a roller coaster of relationship highs and troubles. It’s relatable, inviting and genuine. Each song is a different story and the album flows gorgeously.


“JEWEL” is gentle and heartfelt, it’s a slow and sweet ballad about how he has found his ‘jewel,’ and how that’s all he’ll ever need. “I CHOOSE YOU” has an upbeat rhythm and lyrics, but it feels somber in a way. “HELP YOURSELF” is next, it’s definitely more of a call-out song about someone who blames others for their actions. It’s a song loaded full of angsty emotions and it feels as though he poured his hurt into this song. 

“30 MINUTES” is a passive aggressive song about driving to see a lover who’s 30 minutes away. They don’t want to see him, even though it’s his last night in the city. It’s a song of frustration and poured out feelings. “STICK IT OUT” is a bubbly tune about navigating a long distance relationship, it’s short and sweet and full of hope. “BUZZER BEATER” wraps up the album with a solom song about relationships not working out, and shooting your final shot to save your love. “You can’t just pick and choose to be in someone’s life.”


The EP as a whole is just art. It’s beautifully pieced together and each song has its own well developed story line with wonderful nuance.


I really enjoyed the EP as a whole, and each song individually. Although it’s short, I think it displays a wide range of emotion and depth of character. Melchor’s music is serene and heart-warming.

5 stars, 10/10, I want to give it all the praise humanly possible.