YouTube brings a new sport to life


Spencer Duain Coleman, Staff Writer

Marble racing.


The YouTube channel Jelle’s Marble Runs started making marble races in November of 2018, and has been putting out videos ever since which means you could watch all of the marble races you could ever want to.


They have the Marbula One 2020 going on this year, and upload new videos every Saturday and Sunday.


The marble tracks are surrounded by crowds of marbles sitting in little Lego stands, and are dressed up in their favorite racer’s colors; you can also hear the crowd cheering in the background while the commentator speaks about what is going on down on the track.


As of writing this article, the racers had just raced on the Razzway, and in the first lap there was an accident on the course and a track invasion had happened, so they had to start the race over.


When I first heard of marble racing, I thought “oh that’s cool,” and was reminded of my old marble track, but when I saw that the circuit was not anything like my old marble track, but that it was a real track, I was blown away that somebody actually did a real race with flags, crowds, and the graphics to show who is in what place.


When asked what he thought about marble racing, RHS sophomore Jake Coleman responded, “I thought it sounded funny and cool.”


But don’t just take my word, go check the channel out for yourself, and see what you think about it, you may like it more than you think.