Riverton Gets a New Boys Tennis Coach

Riverton Gets a New Boys Tennis Coach

Spencer Duain Coleman, Staff Writer

RIVERTON- The boys tennis season will be a little different this year because the tennis team has a new coach.


The new boys tennis coach will be the P.E. teacher, Mr. Ence; Mr. Ence has been coaching the girls tennis team for a while now, and will now coach both the girls and boys tennis teams.


The previous boys tennis coach was Karl McKenzie, who coached the team for fifteen years.


When the tennis team found out that coach McKenzie wasn’t coaching, they were a little more than sad. Coach McKenzie was also sad about the news. 


When I asked him what his experience with the team was, he replied, “I have enjoyed watching boys grow into men who keep commitments starting with their tennis experience and moving forward to other more important commitments like jobs, marriage, and being fathers. I coached boys and watched them turn into men. 15 years of watching people grow, lose with class, win with class and develop their tennis skills was hard to walk away from.”


Overall, the players from last year seem to look forward to the new season here in the spring, while being shocked at the news at first.


I talked to Brett Gowen, a RHS junior and player on the tennis team; I asked him what his thoughts were on Coach Ence being the new boys tennis coach, and he said, “I heard a lot about running. He likes discipline, hard work, and responsibility.” 


I have also had a part of the boys tennis team the past two years, and have had many opportunities that I would have never had if I had not accepted being the head manager for the team.


When I first learned about Coach Ence replacing Coach McKenzie, my reaction was the same as the teams, but I have also come to terms with it, and while still bummed out on missing Coach McKenzie on the courts, I am looking forward to a fantastic season with Coach Ence.