Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo pushes it to the limit

Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo pushes it to the limit

Miles Beckston Kiernan, Arts & Entertainment Section Editor

Final Fantasy VII is a popular game from the 90’s that brought joy to a generation. It is the basis for comparison in several video game discussions and when reviewing other RPGs. 

My memory of Final Fantasy VII is fond but isn’t like most. I enjoyed the comedic elements of the story, as well as the outlandish and diverse story that unfolded. 

However, the combat was abysmal, slow paced, and dragged on quite often. Obviously the game was made in a different time, when video games still had so much room to grow, but the praise the game receives, despite some of its mediocre elements, baffles me. 

I am happy to report that Final Fantasy VII Remake takes everything I enjoyed about the original and expands upon it, while also making right the problems that I had with the first version.

The combat is fluid, fast paced, and so colorfully choreographed. Battles are over before you realize because you were so caught up in the flurry of enormous broadswords and cannons for arms. 

“It takes everything people liked and made it better. The combat is better, the characters feel more realistic, and the graphics look smooth and polished,” said Lincoln Mackay, a student of Riverton High. 

Sometimes, remakes can feel unnecessary and unwanted. Or, in the case of Shadow of the Colossus, they’re just a blatant copy and paste of the original with better graphics and don’t end up lending anything worthwhile to what’s already there. 

“Remakes can be lackluster,” said Devan Breinholt of Riverton High, “but this one is like a whole new game from the ground up.”

Along with an improvement in gameplay, the characters are written more appealingly and realistically. The main character, Cloud, is so stubborn and dry, while his teammate, Barret, cracks jokes and tries to make light of stressful situations. 

Some remakes really aren’t worthwhile, but in the case of Final Fantasy VII, it seems that they managed to hit the mark. While we’ve only gotten a taste of the first mission within the demo, I can’t wait to get my hands on the full story this April.