Baby Boomers guess what Gen Z Slang means

Baby Boomers guess what Gen Z Slang means

Carter Larson, Staff Writer/ Photographer

The sixties era didn’t only come with new music, and new styles, it also brought on some new slang such as, groovy, flake, gimme some skin, foxy, and bummer. 


Now, almost 60 years later the slang has changed a bit, so I decided to show some baby boomers our slang. To us, we might know what all of these means such as, bet, and I oop, clout, extra, and oof. 


“Bet” is the shortened version of “wanna bet?” but when Barb Sidener was asked what it means here’s what she thought, “oh yea, that’s a challenge, that’s a challenge.” I also asked her what “and I oop” means and she said she thinks it means, “Oh gee sorry didn’t mean to bump into you my bad.” when it actually means when you’re caught off guard or don’t know what to say.


Emily Brock was asked what the term clout, which means you’re gaining hype, popularity, or fame. She thought it meant, “Who you know, like that kids got clout.”


Oof, is a term that was asked to be described by Debbie Miller she thought it meant, “Like if you trip or if you fall you automatically say ‘oof,’” when it really kind of means “yikes”


I asked all three of them what they thought of the slang and most of them said that their was more descriptive, fun, and dramatic.