Artist 2.0 recently released and review

Artist 2.0 recently released and review

Josue Valdez Rueda Nicholas, Staff Writter

Julius Dubose also known as “A Boogie wit da Hoodie” is an American rapper born and raised in High Bridge, New York. Famous for songs like “Drowning” featuring Kodak Black or Undefeated with 21 savage.


Recently Boogie released his new album on February 13, 2020 called Artist 2.0 which is a sequel of his 2016 album Artist. With songs like “Thug Love,” “Numbers,” “Stain,” Etc. Featuring many artists like Lil Uzi, Young Thug, Roddie Rich, etc.


Being a sequel to the old album, the new album has different elements in it than in the 2016 album. The first Artist has more of an R&B element in it and although the new album does have some slow R&B songs like that, the beats have a different sound and vibe to it than the old album did. 


Given that rap and music in general is always evolving and trends are always changing over time, I feel like the album got mixed with elements of the music that there is now with his old album.


Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing just as long as it isn’t fully copying the same music so it sounds the same as everything else but some of his songs did seem very repetitive, even with Boogie’s flow.  


According to Hannah Burkhart, writing for The Post she said, “When artists get bigger in the industry, their music sometimes seems to lose its individuality and develop more mainstream sounds,” Which I can agree with.


But even if this is the case the album doesn’t lose sight of A Boogie’s storytelling in his songs giving it its own individuality. For example his song “Me and My Guitar” the rapper talks about his break up and loss of friends. Talking about some deep and personal things which brings back the first artist vibes.


 Despite the circumstances, many people are liking and enjoying the recently released song. According to Sean, a student at Riverton High, “This album lowkey went hard, had some sad vibes, but some of the songs was heat.”


I personally would recommend this album though, most of the album is filled with sad and R&B like songs which is the usual kind of music that A Boogie makes if that’s the type of music you’re into. Everyone has a different taste in music but it’s something different and depending and would recommend just giving a listen to see if you’re about it.