Ken Sanders Rare Books to close

Ken Sanders Rare Books to close

Carter Larson, Staff Writter/Photographer

Painted on the side of the rare book store in yellow letters it says, “Come in & remember what a book smells like.”


The front of the store is very unique among the other buildings around downtown Salt Lake City. One of the first things people noticed are the beautiful front stain glass windows, the red book case, and just the all around vintage look that really does set it apart from the other structures.


Ken Sanders recently announced that they will be closing their doors after 23 years of business in the next 12-24 months. One of the reasons the store is closing is because of the rapid growth of the city. Another reason is because the bookstore is struggling to stay open financially because of  bigger bookstores like Barnes & Noble. “It’s super sad,” says Jessica Artz 


Ken says that when the store does close they will most likely take the nicer books, put some in storage and sell others online. 


The store has had some very cool books over the years, from a first edition of Carrie by Stephen King ($1,500) to books written and signed by Mark Twain ($17,500). The store even has some Shakespeare books from 1825 for $200. “I feel like we’re losing many pieces of history because of how many things he’s archived in there.” says Beck Kierian


Almost everything about this store is interesting and unique and can take you to a world of your own. If you enjoy a vintage looking store that contains some amazing books this is the place to go, the building that tells thousands of stories, literally.