The Riverton High Girls Football Team


Matthew Drachman, Editor in Chief Float

RIVERTON HIGH – Football season at Riverton High School always gets the entire school fired up. With the guys on the field, the entire school feels invisible when they score a touchdown, or a defensive tackle was made. Though traditionally a guys sport, girls all over the Jordan School District have wanted to pick up the old pigskin and start playing football. Thus the Girls Football club was born.


“We started the girls football club at Riverton as a way to spread interest in girls tackle football as well as to teach girls the basics of football so they have a better understanding of the game going into the season,” stated the Girls Football captain Megan Perry, “The club is an extension of the league and is a way for us girls to share the sport we love with our peers and get other girls excited about this opportunity we have to play!”


The Girls Football Club has been active at Riverton for a number of years now, but has been recently picking up steam as more girls have signed on to play tackle football.


“…there are so many life lessons you can learn through football and this all girls league is a safe and affordable way to play this amazing sport,” Megan goes on to say.


The Girls football club usually has monthly meetings to get girls interested and to get ready for practices. Most of the time the team has to practice off of school grounds because they are not a sanctioned sport at Riverton.


The team is a part of a larger league that occupies several school districts. They were founded in 2014 by Brent Gordan, and sought to sanction girls football to high schools all across the valley. In 2016, the league had filed a suit against the Jordan District, citing that they had not been sanctioned on the account of discrimination.


“I believe that it really depends on the person,” Megan went on to say about the subject.


Critics had said that though it is more so with the interest in sport and the money that comes along with why the sport has been delayed to be sanctioned. Which is something Megan agreed with.


“…I believe  that the biggest reason for the districts holding off is because of lack of a budget and from what they understand to be a lack of interest…” Megan stated.


Though from what has been gathered, a lot of RHS Students would be interested in watching and going to girls football games. The Scribe caught up to a few RHS Students to find out.


“Yeah most definitely, I would go see that it would be cool!” Stated Brax Barlow who is an RHS Senior.


Ms. Salisbury went on to stated, “Sure! My daughter wanted to play for a girls tackle football team. I went to the games all the time.”


Either if the team gets sanctioned or not, the girls football team is thriving! They are practicing consistently and they are about to start their season with the other schools that are involved. They are currently looking for girls to come and play so if you are playing tackle football with the girls football team, get in contact with Megan Perry, or Mrs. McGuire, or go to “


They are starting their season in March so go and help them out!