Spider-Man seen in the halls of RHS


Carter Larson

Spider Man caught on camera by Carter Larson

Parley Kimball, Editor in Chief

RIVERTON HIGH SCHOOL – Spider-Man has recently been spotted on multiple occasions here in the hallways of RHS.


These events have just come to our attention, and we are here to inform the public about what Spider-Man has been doing without anyone knowing about it.


An eye witness, Luke Gonzales, stated, “I saw him in the bathroom, and when he climbed up over the stall, he scared the crap out of me!”


This event alone gives reason to find and capture Spider-Man, so he can get the punishments he deserves.


“RHS used to be a safe place, but ever since Spider-Man showed up it’s been a lot different,” says Gage White, RHS Senior.


But not all students have feared this wall-crawling arachnid. Some students go out of their way to give Spider-Man a high five, or get a quick selfie.


There are students here that have been trying to actively fight against Spider-Man, and his actions.


Lincoln MacKay is the student who has been leading the charge against Spider-Man.


Here is what he had to say to us, “He’s a threat to the entire school! I want that wall crawling arachnid expelled! I want him strung up by his web! I want Spider-Man!”


From the research we have gathered from students it’s really split between those who like Spider-man, and those who don’t. 


Hopefully we will gain more information on Spider-Man’s actions throughout the rest of the year to tell if he truly is a man of honor, or truly a menace. 


Stay tuned for more updates on this wild ‘spider’ chase.