NBA All-Star game to be held in Salt Lake in 2023

NBA All-Star game to be held in Salt Lake in 2023

Josue Valdez Rueda Nicholas, Staff Writer

On October 23rd, NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, announced at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake, some very big and exciting news for Utah basketball fans.


He announced during a press conference that the Utah Jazz would be holding the NBA All-Star games in Salt Lake City in 2023, and basketball fans are hyped about the news.


After almost 30 years the NBA has selected Salt Lake City to have the All-Star games back in Utah again. Caleb McFarland, a junior at Riverton High, says, “It’s about time” after almost three whole decades, having the All Star games back in Utah is amazing.


One of the reasons why the All-Star games are being held in Utah again is because of how many renovations and remodeling work is happening around the city. Although many are excited for the event, others are skeptical because they don’t believe that Salt Lake City has the vibrancy for the All-Stars.


Many believe that the renovations going on in here can help the city become more exciting and vibrant. Renovations to the Salt Lake City Airport, to the new hotels being built and to be finished by 2023, and even the 125 million dollar renovation to the Vivint Smart Home Arena, home of the Utah Jazz. Which was enacted to give the fans a dynamic feel.


Not only will the renovations help, but the game will leave a legacy and a mark in Utah. Over 30 years ago Malone and Stockton played their best to represent Utah in the 1993 NBA All-star games.


“The memory of John Stockton and Karl Malone sharing MVP honors 30 years ago remains strong.  We are excited to create new memories for this generation of NBA fans in a place that loves to celebrate basketball.” Adam Silver said in the press conference. 


Both players were the first to share the All-Star MVP award. After defeating the Eastern Conference in 1993 for a total of 135-132. 


With Karl Malone having a total of 29 points and Stockton with 9 and 15 assists. Utah even holding an ABA All-Star back when that was a thing in 1973 having special players like Julius, The Doc, Erving and many more.


Utah has always been a good place for special and exciting events, from the Olympics to the all stars. Many fans are very excited for this event and are looking forward to it on February 19th, 2023 and are hoping that the city has what it takes to hold the NBA All-Star.