Poll Findings: Most RHS students don’t know how to register to vote

Poll Findings: Most RHS students don’t know how to register to vote

Matthew Drachman, Editor in Chief Float

RIVERTON HIGH – A sample study conducted by the RHS Silver Scribe finds that a majority of RHS students do not know how to register to vote.


Recently, this poll was conducted by the Scribe to try and find the reasoning behind why so many kids haven’t registered or didn’t want to vote. It found that a majority of RHS students wanted to vote, but were unsure about how to register. 


In 2018, almost 1,082,972 ballots were casted in the State of Utah which is about 52% of the eligible voting population. In the state of Utah it is said that only about 50% of 18-24 year olds are voting. To add to this, Utah has the youngest population in the entire United States.


To conduct this study 204 Riverton High School students were polled, while they were in class, where they were asked to fill in bubble sheets in accordance with a question sheet that they were provided. 


The study found that 67.2 % of Riverton High students wanted to vote, and were intending on doing so. About 2% of students said that they were not voting for personal reasons, 21.6% that they were unsure, and 10.3% said that they didn’t care about voting.


The students who gave a response other than yes, about 89 students, 32% of those students stated that they didn’t feel informed enough to vote.


“I just don’t feel like there is a good enough system in place for me to learn about politics,” stated RHS Senior Maddie Perry.


Going on, around 49.4% of those 89 stated that they just didn’t care about politics.


“I feel like it is a very messy world, and when you hang out with one group or the other it gets toxic,” Chelsea Criddle the RHS Senior told the scribe. Which is a common sentiment among a lot of people who felt the same way.


Moving back to the full number of students, the most surprising number was how a large majority of students did not know how to register to vote. Out of all of those polled 77.5% of students stated that they didn’t know how to register to vote. In a larger group 82.4% stated that they did not know that you could register to vote at 16.


In recent years voter turnout among young people has progressively gotten higher. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, voter turnout among 18-29 year olds went up from 20% in 2014 to 36% in 2018. This was the largest increase in turnout among any age group.


As the years continue to see more youth involvement, many are trying to get more youth involvement in the workings of the country. Many social studies teachers at Riverton have been giving short lessons about how to register to vote ahead of the Utah Primary on March third.


Overall the polling data that had been received by the Scribe mirrored a lot of what the country has been seeing with youth voter turnout. Though this study has only been performed once, and hasn’t tracked an overall trend. This study did not ask students if they had already registered to vote either.


If numbers stand true then Utah and the country will see even higher rates of youth turnout, eventually making it become easier to vote in many states.


If you are interested in voting then go to Voter.Utah.Gov and make sure you register to vote. It takes about five minutes to do online.