In the life of Matthew Drachman


Carter Larson, Staff Writer/Photographer

Matthew Drachman is an extraordinarily exceptional 18 year old student at Riverton High School. Matthew is the Communications Officer of the Student Body Officers, president of the Civic Society, he’s on the Social Committee of the Interact Club, and he has a membership in the National Honor Society.

Matthew has always had one goal in his life, ̈To help people in the best way possible.”He has gone back and forth on how he wants to accomplish that, at first he wanted to be a doctor, but now he wants to pursue politics. 

In time he has a goal to be in a political position that will affect people’s lives for the better. He wants to run for president, “help people who can’t help themselves,” and “aid those who need a hand,” 

Being an SBO at Riverton High has been one of the most adventurous experiences of his 

life. When he was first elected to serve his school it touched his heart, he felt grateful that the students trusted him to work on their behalf. 

That is something that I will never forget, and I am so thankful to be given the opportunity by my peers to serve as an SBO,¨ 

Matthew wants to be more than just “an asterisk on the pages of history,” he says by the time he leaves this earth he hopes to have made it better than when he came into it, so that his Children, family, and “all that I know,” can live happier lives and smile more.

Matthew is one of the many amazing people on this earth, he will surely live his life impacting others, and spreading nothing but positivity.

“If there is one thing I am sure of for my future, is that I wish to serve, and to help anyone who asks.”