Sure there’s diversity here, but is it enough?

Sure there's diversity here, but is it enough?

Kaleb Shaeffer, Sports and Clubs Section Editor

Diversity and inclusivity are important, and there has been a surge of progressiveness in recent times. But are we actually doing enough to be inclusive and diverse?

Riverton City has a population of around 44,419 people. Roughly 95.2% of that population is caucasian. The State of Utah has a population of around 3,161,105 people, and roughly 90.7%  of that population is caucasian. (all numbers estimated July 2018, all statistics cited from the U.S Census Bureau) The racial diversity in Riverton City, and Utah as a whole is minimal, but racial diversity is not something that we can necessarily change.

What we can change in the inclusivity of the minority groups we have. When you look around at Riverton High, you don’t see a lot of variety in the kinds of people.

 When considering the student government, do you think that they accurately represent the student body? Do you think that they are representative of all of the minority groups here at RHS? Many people are blind to the sheer lack of minority representation in Riverton City and here at Riverton High. 

Even with groups like the GSA and the Latinos in Action, the amount of diversity and inclusivity here is less than ideal. 

The minority groups are generally underrepresented and many people who are part of minority groups don’t feel safe being who they are here. “It’s not my family i’m worried to come out to, it’s the people at school. No one would see me the same way, it’s just not safe,” says a LGBT+ RHS student who chose to stay anonymous. 

“They could be better when dealing with gender-nonconforming students as well,” remarked Ellie Jean, an RHS senior. Transgender and gender non-conforming students are an ever growing, issue persay. With little access to gender neutral restrooms and little known support, many students feel as though they are alone in that regard.

Changing the inclusivity here at Riverton High may not come easily, but it’s something that should be addressed by the ever changing student body.