JATC applications


Josue Valdez Rueda Nicholas, Staff Writter

JATC is the career and technical education of the Jordan district. It’s made of many classes and courses to prepare students for college courses.


Classes go from Barbering and Cosmetology to Medical and Dentistry. These classes have given many students benefits for later educational purposes such as preparing them for college.


But getting into these interactive college classes leaves students wondering how they can apply, and enter these school programs for next year. 


There are two ways to apply for these classes. 


The first is doing it online. Not all class applications are posted online, so this step will vary depending on the class that you are applying to.

This leads to the second choice which is to go visit the North or South Campus. The campus’s usually have events like open houses where they invite students and neighbors to the building to look at the activities, and types of classes that are being held and try to interest students into applying for the upcoming year.


Although one thing to keep in mind is that the classes do take two periods off both your A and B days, and depending what class you applied to, and are scheduled in, it can be in the mornings or the afternoons. 


Talking to school counselors to help arrange and fix your schedule is a must unless your good on credits.


Some other advice would be to apply early beforehand just because these classes can get full very quickly, and can result in losing your spot in the class. 


According to Martin from Riverton High School, “I applied for the barbering class, but it was too full, and was put on the waiting list”.


Currently, on the JATC website, applications for 2020-2021 are already up and ready for students to apply to and according to the JATC website “Applications submitted between January 6th and February 28th will be given 1st consideration.” 


Some concerns that students bring up is the fee. While the fee is cheaper than most regular college classes it still might be an abundance to some highschool students.


But talking to JATC counselors can help fix money issues. The counselors will help you find a better way to pay your fee in a way that helps fit your circumstances. For example they can set up a monthly payment plan instead of paying the fee in one large payment.


For any questions or concerns visit the JATC website, talk to your counselor, or contact the JATC campuses.