The John Claflin Cooking Show: a review


Matthew Drachman, Editor in Chief Float

RIVERTON – The RHS Silver Screen is back up and running for the school with weekly episodes.  Many new shows have been created from the new weekly show, one of these shows stars the SBO of Activities, The John Claflin’s Cooking Show.


The Show stars John Claflin and many of his assistants who are discussing cooking with prostart students. The first episode had Cody Cowley as a guest, and they were going to cook Thanksgiving foods. Throughout the episode, the crew of the show seems to prank Cody with a variety of ways, from picking up a phone call during the filming, throwing a ball at Cody, and yelling at his co workers.


The show is meant to be a comedic skit, and it achieves this light.  I remember myself being very amused behind the background of the show.


The humor is meant to be very random. You do not quite know what is going on until it actually happens. The show mirrors much in the light and humor of The Eric Andre show where he invites high profile celebrities any starts to do things that they were not aware of, in one such episode they shoot an employee in the buttocks with a crossbow just to see the reaction of the celebrity on the show.


We asked John Claflin for comment, however we are still waiting to hear back from him.


The people of Riverton had mixed views of the show, some calling it funny while others said it was provocative.


“I thought the humor was dry,” said one RHS Sophomore, “it wasn’t for me.” 


In my opinion, the show is highly entertaining and I would love to see more of these kinds of shows come from Silver Screen. Silver Screen is the highlight of a lot of these students days and I believe that John’s show does bring smiles to a lot of their faces.


An RHS Senior had told the scribe, “John is chaotic good.” This is highly mirrored in his humor and his show. I look forward to seeing more.