Why finding a job as a teen is so hard


Kaleb Shaeffer, Sports and Clubs Section Editor

Finding a job as a teenager is more difficult than it may seem. Despite it seeming like everywhere is hiring, finding a job is getting harder and harder. 


Many companies that used to offer entry-level jobs are now requiring previous work experience and a resume. Most teens are just starting out and need entry level positions to gain the experience for higher paying and more demanding jobs. 


An option for work experience is unpaid internships, but generally most teens seek out jobs so that they have spending money and gain more independence in finances. Unpaid internships can be helpful for future business jobs and experience but they are really not a lot of help for us teens.


“People don’t think we’re mature enough or capable enough to take on the responsibility.” says Sarah Fulton, an RHS Junior. 


Business owners may generalize teens as lazy, unmotivated or irresponsible. They may choose to hire older and seemingly more mature people over teens. Another factor that may impact getting a job as a teen is the fact that teenagers can only work limited hours with school and labor laws, while an employer may want a full time worker who has less outside responsibility.


Economic factors play a role in the availability of jobs for teens. “The recession and high unemployment rate has the overall population struggling to find work in a crowded labor market” according to foxbusiness.com. Even with an all time low unemployment rate, there are many people seeking jobs and in general companies prefer to hire adults due to more flexible hours and more perceived maturity and responsibility.