Riverton’s new Bell System has people thinking of church

Lilly Fulks, News and Features Section Editor

Riverton High – Over the winter break, Riverton High School went through changes that left the hallways stinking and our ears bleeding.


Students piled into school on Monday only to run out in confusion as “church bells” rang through our hallways, making students question what the administration spent their time doing before choosing the new sound. 


“It’s not my favorite sound,” says Tori Christensien, a senior with the same opinion has almost the entire student body, she also added that, “it kinda says like a hydro banging on a wall.” This is one of many comparison students have come up, and no matter which you choose, it always ends up the same thing, extremely annoying to listen to.


Students have tried to find a way around this sound so that we no longer have to be haunted by it, with many talking to administrators and teachers to see if there’s any possible way of ridding the school of the horrible sound. 


“I asked Mr. Richens to change it, he said no,” senior Ryker Booth got the same response as most students have, proving the hopes of getting an administrator to take action against the sound is rather futile. Some teachers have also added on that in order to change the bell sound, they’ll need to change the whole sound system, and that’s not a step that the school think is worth taking. 


With the fight against the horrible sound going nowhere, students have decided to take matters into their hands, and plans are on the way to make “their own sounds.” 


No matter what the new sound turns out to be, rest assured it will not be as painful as the one we have now.