68’ Mustang Sells For Record Breaking 3.7 Million At Auction

68’ Mustang Sells For Record Breaking 3.7 Million At Auction

Damian Mcdougal, Staff Writer

This 68’ Ford mustang sold at the Mecum Auction Friday, January 10th, for a whoping 3.74 Million dollars.


The Ford Gt started off in 1965 as part of an extras package for $165 till the beginning of the 1970’s and making a return in performance in the 80’s “much to the delight of Vanilla Ice.” (MotorAuthority.com) But not before it made its debut in The 1968 Movie “Bullitt” (Yes thats how its spelled).


In the Movie ‘Bullitt’ a Detective by the name of Frank Bullitt Is assigned to protect witness Johnny Ross, he is shot and the detective searches for the killers resulting in one of the most famous car chases ever.


Sean Kiernen said his family had purchased the car from a classified ad for $3,500 in 1974 and has been in his family for 45 years and had two owners before each buying it at $3,500 and that’s what they started the auction off at.


The car is the actual car used in the famous 10 minute chase scene and was actually driven by Steve McQueen, the front left bumper still bearing scars from when Steve McQueen hit a parked car unscripted during filming.


McQueen tried to buy the car from Bob Kiernens father after tracking him down but even after a personal letter the family decided to keep it and use it as an “around town errand runner” until the clutch went out on it causing it to go into storage rather than being fixed. 


At Mecumm, the year before it had set the now obsolete record of 2.2 Million dollars for a 1967 shelby gt500 Super Snake Many of the Steve McQueen owned/driven cars have gone up to 5x the amount they are worth, A  1967 Ferrari 275 GTB by Scaglietti sold for 10.175 Million Dollars.


Kierns sold the car at the auction with no cap, a cap is a set price it must reach before the car can be sold, which is very unusual for such a famous car. This Ford Gt when asked Kierns said, he didn’t think there would be a problem estimating it could go for up to 5 million and he had no worry it would go for more than 3,500 dollars, his father had paid for it saying it had to go, he only had a two car garage.


When asked about the cars price Kierns said, “Holy Smokes.” The car was purchased anonymously by a call in bidder and the auction house would not release the names as they wished to stay anonymous.