Music from The Mandalorian

Music from The Mandalorian

Parley Kimball, Editor In Chief

The Mandalorian has been a huge success for Disney’s new streaming platform Disney+ reaching a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes for both the audience, and critics.


The show truly deserves this praise because of all the effort that has been going into the show, and being able to create an incredible atmosphere that really feels like it belongs in the Star Wars universe.


From the design of props and costumes to the performances of the actors, The Mandalorian has been able to live up to the excitement around it when it was first revealed.


But we cannot forget one of the most important things that really makes things come together in film, and that would be the music.


The composer for The Mandalorian, Ludwig Göransson, does an outstanding job with his musical abilities for this show.


One critic, Erik Dubois, hopes, “that it opens a way for [the] composer to take over the crafting of Star Wars themes for future movies.”


“Göransson is excellent” in making The Mandalorian feel like a western film while also having it fit “Star Wars’ themes” previously set by John Williams in the original films.


Music has always played a huge part in Star Wars all the way back to 1977 when the first film was shown in theaters. The very first thing that hits you when watching Star Wars is that blast of trumpets followed by the classic scrolling texts.

It is incredible how much music can add to your experience, or how the lack of music can take away from your experiences of watchable entertainment. Music really does make or break this experience. And in the case of The Mandalorian I believe it makes the experience.