The Best Spider-Man

The Best Spider-Man

Parley Kimball, Editor In Chief

Spider-Man, we all know who he is, and we’ve all grown up viewing different forms of this character.


From different actors, directors, and writers, Spider-Man has been portrayed in many ways in both cartoons and live action films.


Now my question is, which live action actors, writers, and directors have been able to bring original comic Spider-Man to life the best?


Let’s take a look at the top three portrayals, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland.


Tobey Maguire was the first one to play Spider-Man out of these three in the 2002-2007 trilogy, directed by Sam Raimi.


These movies do a great job with telling the struggles of Peter Parker being Spider-Man, and how he stays true to doing the right thing. 


Tobey Maguire’s portrayal is RHS Senior Trevar Pecorelli’s favorite because, “he is noble and does what’s best for the people regardless of his own feelings.”


This trilogy also doesn’t shy away from the comedic aspects of comics. Comics, Spider-Man in particular, have always had that sense of ridiculousness while still telling a story that pulls you in and keeps you engaged in the characters which is something Sam Raimi did very well. He’s able to balance out the ridiculousness of comics, and the sometimes harsh reality of the real world. 


Although Tobey’s Spider-Man has the character well done, and shows the powers of Spider-Man well, it still isn’t without its faults.


These movies don’t show the science/genius side of Peter Parker. It doesn’t dive into that important part of Spider-Man’s abilities. Instead, he gains the ability to shoot webs from the spider bite instead of inventing his own web shooters. 


Now let’s look at Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man directed by Mark Webb in 2012 and 2014. 


These movies show a more gritty and realistic form of Spider-Man. It ditches the comic-esc feel from the previous movies, and takes a different spin on the character.


Right out of the gate, these movies show Spider-Man’s ability to be fast on his feet, literally and metaphorically by showing Spider-Man adapt in various situations where his first plan didn’t work too well. 


The movie has an entire scene dedicated to him creating, and testing his own equipment which includes the famous web shooters. 


This movie does very well with showing how Spider-Man works, but lacks in showing more of the Peter Parker side which I have found is a difficult task to do, especially when you only have two movies to set that conflict up. 


Tom Holland is the newest to the Spider-Man role which began with Captain America: Civil War in 2016 where Spider-Man makes a cameo during the airport fight scene.


With this Spider-Man being in the MCU there’s not a lot of room for showing how being a superhero impacts the lives of these characters, but this is crucial to Spider-Man’s character development.


Tom Holland’s Spider-Man shows his intellect by creating his first suit, and then being able to use the suit given to him by Iron Man. It shows his drive to do good by going against what others tell him, and pushes through until things have been handled which is an extremely important characteristic to have when portraying Spider-Man.


There are a few things that this Spider-Man lacks though. The most obvious one, to some, would be the absence of Uncle Ben who is the main reason Spider-Man does good, and never turns a blind eye to someone in need. Instead the MCU has just glazed over that important part of Spider-Man’s history. The MCU has also built a world of ‘no consequences’ which doesn’t make things enjoyable sometimes. Spider-Man has a long history of trying to deal with the consequences of not being able to be the hero every single time, but the MCU just hasn’t really allowed bad actions to turn into real consequences.


At the end of the day, all three of these characters have brought joy to countless people no matter their preferences, and sometimes those preferences just depend on if you’ve seen all the adaptations or not.


“Tom Holland is probably my favorite Spider-Man, but that’s just because I haven’t really seen the other movies,” said Kyla Allan, Senior.


But there is truly one live action Spider-Man that blows all the others out of the competition, and that would be no other than, SUPAIDAMAN!


Supaidaman was Japan’s live action version of Spider-Man that was created as a TV show in 1978, but only went on for 1 season and ended a year after its creation.


In this show Supaidaman claims that he is “the emissary of hell” and brings justice to his city either by fighting people face to face with his supernatural powers, or in his giant robot companion Leopardon. 


Supaidaman is truly a sight to behold, but unfortunately he is very rare in entertainment history. He only shows up in both the Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon comic series, and of course his TV show.

But do not worry, Supaidaman will get his spotlight back in the upcoming Into the Spider-Verse sequel coming to theaters April 8, 2022. So be ready for Supaidaman and Leopardon’s triumphant return to the big screen with the rest of the Spider-Men, Spider-Women, and of course the one and only Spider-Ham.