Is Rhythm Flow a quality show?

Is Rhythm Flow a quality show?

Josue Valdez Rueda Nicholas, Staff Writer

The Netflix Series recently released early October, is a reality show that has three hip hop celebrities who go out and try to find the next big thing. The show features three celebrities, Chance the Rapper, TI, and Cardi B. 


The three go around America to showcase and audition rappers that are trying to make it. They go around places like L.A, NYC, Atlanta, etc. 


I’ve been watching the show for the past week and it genuinely goes hard. Ironically in the first episode Snoop Dogg says, “This isn’t The Voice.” But in my opinion it’s like the hip hop version of the voice but with more on the line.


The show in general is honestly built and put together very well, event showcasing special guests like Nipssey and Snoop Dogg, Although in my opinion I kind of wish they used someone else as a judge other than Cardi B. It’s not that she’s a bad artist it’s just her personality is kind of weird.


But honestly, this didn’t really bother too much or affect how good the show was, it just makes some people cringe in my opinion. 


Another thing that was kind of odd to me was that the show was on a weekly release cycle, which is something that Netflix generally does. I think that itself was kind of odd for viewers, since viewers have to keep a tab on when the show is going to drop its next couple episodes.


“Usually when I hop on Netflix, im binge watching,” says Antwon, a student at Riverton High


The things that really popped out in this show was how it showed the background of the contestants and where they come from and gave contestants a shot to get out of the situations that they’re from and make it to the top.


The judges also not only showed good rap career tips, but talked a lot about success and life. It’s a whole combo meal, giving viewers a story, some dope music, and at the same time opening up a few minds. 


As the viewer goes further into the show, things get more complicated and more risks are on the line. In the beginning of the show it starts with auditions, to show whether or not the contestants would proceed to the next level, but later on have to do more complex things like making a colab, or making a music video.


This show typically shows the lifestyle of a rapper and put contestants to the test to see whether or not they are ready to make it up top.


The show itself has a bit of everything of the hip hop lifestyle and in my opinion genuinely is a dope show to watch.