Australia Burns



Carter Larson, Staff Writer

Australia is on fire. The country is currently still in its fire season which runs from June to May.


The world has been doing their best to support the country. The fires are burning at such a large scale and are difficult to control.


Over 12 million acres of land in Australia have been burned. By comparison, in 2019 California had 259,832 acres of land burned. Every state in Australia has been touched by the



One of the things Australia is best known for is having some very exotic animals. Some that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Over a billion animals have been killed by these  fires. ⅓ of the Koala population has been killed in Australia. 24 people have also been killed. 


“This fire has traumatized its citizens for the rest of their lives,” says Barbara Babcock.


Somewhere in Australia there was a golf course and a lots of kangaroos hopped there, fleeing from the fires. Luckily there was a vet present and he helped some of them. The ones that could not be helped, were severely burned, and sadly had to be put down by the vet. 


There are 2,700 firefighters on the frontlines in Australia. 


Dale Sidener stated, “That’s a large number of people but not enough for the size of the fire in Australia.” 


There are not only Australian firefighters but many have been sent from around the world, including 100 from California. There’s been 33 million dollars raised for the fires, with over 1.3 million donors worldwide. 


These fires show almost no signs of stopping any time soon. The Australians are going to hospitals because of the damaged air. Australia’s tourism is also expected to go down. These fires are also expected to influence the environment of Australia.


To help, you can Google ‘help with the Australia fires.’ There are many different ways you can help and make a difference.