Navy bombards the Army’s winning streak in recent football game

Matthew Drachman, Editor in Chief Float

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – The Naval Academy is bringing home the trophy for the Army Vs. Navy game this year with a 7-31 score takedown of West Point.


The football game between the Army Black Knights and the Navy Midshipmen is famous for the rivalry between the service members within the branches of the United States Army and the Navy.  Last December the two paired up again for another match up, with the President in attendance to administer the coin toss. The Navy won the toss which gave them the ball.


The Navy went into the game as the underdogs to the match.  The Navy had lost the past three games against the Army, and to add salt to injury, the Army was able to score the first touchdown of the game.


However, the game was about to turn in favor of the Navy, and fast. With the quick decisions made by the Navy quarterback, Malcolm Perry #10, the Navy were able to make up that first touchdown with Malcolm running it to the end zone.


Throughout the rest of the game, the Army would find itself in deep struggle to try and defend against the trick plays that were made by the Navy. Several times, Malcolm opting to just run it himself.


The Army defense just couldn’t keep up with him, as well as the passes that were made by the Navy making up lost yards. The Army’s offense wouldn’t fair well either, with them not being able to score another touchdown for the rest of the game.


The Navy went on to make record breaking plays, and memorable trick plays that were able to push them far ahead of the Army, even at half time.  With Malcolm making up a lot of lost ground.


The game would end in a Navy victory, ending a win streak by the Army that had lasted for nearly three years.


When asked if he was proud of himself, Malcolm had replied, “I am more proud of the team, I think we played well… we came out here and did what we planned to do.”


The President before the game, visited both teams in their respective locker rooms. The President also took this opportunity to sign an executive order, that now allows football players from military academies to go pro before their service is up, rather than having to wait after their service is up.


“I was really excited to go into this game, and it paid off.” Malcolm had stated after the game as well.