Felipe Vazquez charged with sexual assault


Ellie Jean, Staff Writer

Felipe Vazquez, the major league baseball pitcher for the pittsburgh pirates, was arrested in September for statutory sexual assault, and is now being charged again with 21 more charges of sexual assult and child pornography. 


This came about after he admitted to criminal to an investigator on the case that in 2017 he was in fact involved in an inappropriate relationship with a girl who was 13 years old at the time.


After Vazquez was arrested, two electronic devices were discovered in his home. On those devices was various amounts of child pornography. 


It’s stated in the article by the New York Times, “Authorities in Westmoreland County filed 21 new charges against Vazquez on Tuesday, including 10 counts of child pornography and 10 counts of unlawful sexual contact with a minor. Vazquez, 28, already was facing charges including statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor and corruption of minors.”


Austyn Cherrington, a student at Riverton High School, commented on the matter saying “To be 100% with you, I think that he deserves everything coming to him. I think that abuse is like the worst thing you can do to someone. That hurts them for the rest of their lives, and there isn’t  anything you can pay to make them get that innocence back that was stolen from them.”


Vazquez, the major league player, is currently on administrative leave under his agreement with the players’ association. He remains in jail and he was denied bail by District Judge Charles Moore, “out of concerns he may be a flight risk.” But Vazquez will have his day in court  but not until January 22 of 2020. But until then he remains in custody in Westmoreland County Prison. 


Another Riverton High School student, Spenser McCarthy, who is captain of Riverton High schools dance company started “ The fact that a 28 year old would even think about having any type of a romantic relationship with a 13 year old let alone talk about having sex and also sending sexual videos is horrible. I don’t understand how people who do stuff like this even exist.”