College: Is it necessary?

College: Is it necessary?

Cody Robinson, Staff Writer

From the time you were born you were most likely told to go to college, get a degree, and start your life long career. It costs thousands of dollars, years of your life, hard work, and for what? A career that you paid to get experience in. What people aren’t telling you is it might not be worth it to go.


In 2016, 70 percent of highschool grads ended up going to college. And 30 percent of those college-goers drop out within the first year. In retrospect a college drop out could earn on average about 35 percent less each year than someone who finishes college; but they won’t have student debt to pay back.


Brockton Herget said, “Even if you don’t end up pursuing what you studied it’s good to have a backup. It is worth getting a degree.” 


In Utah, the average cost for in state tuition and fees; not including housing, books, or food is about 6K. That means if you want a 4 year degree you are looking at around 24K just to attend school. Then to add in the cost of housing and food (average 11K a year), that brings the cost of going to college to 68K give or take a few grand. 


That’s a lot of money to spend on education that could become outdated and unneeded in a few decades. 70 percent of students take out student loans to help them pay for college. The average graduate graduates with 30K of student loan debt. Today, 45 million Americans owe more than 1.6 trillion dollars in student loan debt. 


Sounds fun right? Debt, money loss, years spent on school, barely any time to do anything else, learning something that could become obsolete.


60 percent of careers today do not require a college degree. By 2020 there will be around 165 million jobs in the U.S. Which means 107 million won’t require a degree, and over 30 percent of students who get a college degree go into a career that doesn’t require one. 


Kaden Borg exclaimed, “ There are so many ways to make money without getting a college degree. Without all the debt and time. Just no one tells you about it. The reason so many students go to college is because highschool does not set you up for anything beyond writing essays and playing nice with others. Students need to learn about careers that do not require college. It would benefit society a lot more #1.6trilliondollarsindebt.”