Riverton High school gains a boys volleyball club

Lilly Fulks, News and Features Section Editor

Riverton – Riverton is the next highschool to join the UBVA (Utah Boys Volleyball Association) with the school creating it’s first boy volleyball club. With Mrs. Beus as the advisor, and some star volleyball players on the committee, the club is ready to compete with other schools in the ever growing tournaments. 


“Towards the end of the volleyball season we realized we wouldn’t have anything to do now that the high school season,” said Haylie Jacobson, club officer, “so we thought it would be kind of cool to start a boys club because lots of other schools have one and thought it would be fun to coach instead of play.” 


Boys volleyball has been growing in interest since 2012, with over 24 states having boys volleyball teams involved in their club roster. As the years pass by and more teams are created, tournament season gets bigger, and boys get more excited for the sport. 


“Volleyball is a good way to get to know more people while playing a sport that is fun and enjoyable, so being able to have a club in the school where we can meet others who enjoy the sport and want to have a good time is really exciting.” Cody Cowley, Senior. 


The number of teams in Utah continues to climb, with “over 70 different teams playing in leagues throughout the state.” Garrett, UBVA representative. 


Despite the growth in interest and participation of schools, boys volleyball has yet to be sanctioned as an official highschool sport. However discussions are ongoing as more and more teams pop up in the club level. For now players are simply focusing on having fun and enjoying the competition.


“Really we just hope to have a good time and hopefully teach the boys some new skills and take some W’s,” Jacobson added.


If you are interested in joining the boys volleyball club contact Haylie Jacobsen or Ashley Christensen for more info on open gyms and club meetings.