New items to be sold in the school store


Jessilyn Nielsen, Staff Writer

This may come as a surprise to some of the student body, but there are new items in the school store besides grilled cheese and pretzels. 


Grilled cheese was a top seller last school year and still is a huge hit this year, but there’s more in the school store than just grilled cheese.


There are multiple new items within the school store this year. There’s even soda that isn’t labeled “diet.” Mtn Dew and Dr. pepper are both sold there now, but no one is buying any of the new products because they don’t even know they exist.


The same stuff sold last year is being sold this year, but there’s even more on top of that. There are items like mac n cheese, raman, sugary treats, sugar cookies, etc. 


The items are still cheap, same as they were last year so there’s no reason to not go check it out.


So if you haven’t come down to the school store yet to try the new items, maybe think about stopping by there instead of driving to Mcdonalds to get a hot n spicy.