If I Was Your Girl Book Review

Emmalee Lizzarazo, Staff Writer

Attention LGBTQIA+ community! This book is one that not only tackles hard goings for transgender persons, it also shows that love, friendship, and happiness is possible for those who don´t feel like this will ever happen for them.


Amanda Hardy, an 18 year old girl, moves from Atlanta, Georgia to Lambertville to live with her dad, right before senior year. 


The book goes along two different timelines, before her move, and present day. To make it easy, the summary will be in chronological order. 


By the age of 8 Amanda, who was born as Andrew, realized she was trans. Though her mother was more supportive of Amanda and what she wanted to do with her life, her father still only saw his “son”, which broke Amanda. 


In Atlanta, Amanda was bullied to the point of attempted suicide. After this, her mother decided it would be best if she went to her dad’s home, where no one knows her past. 

In her first week there she meets some of her closest friends, Chloe, Layla, and Anna. She also meets Bee, an openly bisexaul girl whom she has an LGBTQ bond with. 


She also starts dating Grant, an adorable, dorky football player with his own secrets. He works multiple jobs to keep his family afloat. 


Eventually, Amanda feels the need to tell Grant that she is trans, but she can’t muster up the courage to tell him to his face, so she writes him a letter. Grant then proceeds to throw it into the fire, and says “nothing can change the way I feel about you,”


Even though everything is going amazing for Amanda now, her dad is worried about her trusting the wrong person, and is worried that it’s Grant. 


Homecoming rolls around, and obviously Grant asks Amanda. She goes into the bathroom, and finds a drunk Bee, who admits to her feelings for Amanda and kisses her. Amanda pushes Bee off, and in a drunken rage, Bee spills everyone’s secrets, including Amanda’s past. 


Shocked and heartbroken, Amanda runs away from the dance, followed by a tongue-tied Grant. Walking home alone, she is attacked by another football player, Parker, who mocks her and then sexually assaults her. Chloe and Layla find them and scare Parker away before taking Amanda home.


This book is now one of my favorites. It not only tackles challanges for transgender persons, it also shows violence against them. Something that is almost never talked about. 


The story of Amanda is truly a beautiful one, though there is heartbreak and tragedy, she has worked so hard to get to where she is in her life, and she is finally achieving her happiness. 


LGBTQIA+ community mostly knows the struggles for people struggling with their identity, but no one talks about what happens when they’ve officially accepted who they are, when they finally feel comfortable, and more importantly, learn to love themselves. 


I will forever recommend this book, 10/10, to all my friends.