What is the Civics Society?

What is the Civics Society?

Sean Christner, Editor and Chief Float

2020 is the year of the United States presidential and this has started a major movement to get voters out into the poll boxes. This has been the main focus of many candidates and parties in recent years. This focus has been translated into the Civics Society club in which members are encouraged to register to vote and gain information about the various political issues that the nation is tackling at the moment.


“The purpose is to help people to register to vote and help them develop their opinions in an appropriate and formal manner,” Matthew Drachman, Civic Society President.


The club is divided into 3 major branches of discussion in order for most political viewpoints to have an equal representation in the discussion these are the secretary of the right, the secretary of the left, and the centralist minority. This basic groupings is the fundamental aspect to how the club handles it main event/activity the Public form.


Public forms are held once every two weeks and the main focus of them is for students to come into the discussion with their viewpoints and evidence in order for everybody to learn something about the current issue the last public form was a conversation about the differences between capitalism and socialism and the club members viewpoints of them in modern day politics. Topics are voted on by club members and participants and are based on community interest and topics can be from a variety of sources and subjects. 


The club’s secondary meetings are held in the down time between the public forums this is what the club calls the administration meetings these are held to register students to vote and plan the next public forum topic, so students are encouraged to attend and vote on the next topic the next administration meeting the club will hold is going to be on November 20th from 2:30-3:30pm.


“Civics Society is a great club, and Matthew is a great person for starting the club,” Ashton Zeeman, a Senior member.


The club meets every wednesday and if you are interested in the current political climate or want to know how to register to vote. The club is held in Mr. Johnsen’s room #2142 from 2:30-3:30pm