New Carpet

New Carpet

Isaac Rengers, Staff Writer

Riverton High School is replacing the carpet in all of the rooms on the second floor of the building in the coming weeks. Many teachers and students are bothered by the inconvenience of the installation. The school is finally receiving new carpet on the second floor of the building, replacing the original carpet from when the school first opened.

Many people are happy to see a change, but many are extremely irritated with the timeliness. Being that the school is in the heart of Silver Rush the change adds some unneeded stress and anxiety for teachers and students alike. 

As I am currently writing this article I have been removed from my classroom and placed in an alternate part of the building due to the carpet being replaced. It is quite annoying the say the slightest. 

One student said, “It’s hard to focus and get my work done with so many noises and change of setting throughout the week. I can tell that my teachers aren’t too excited about it either.”

It’s not the fact that the news carpet itself is upsetting people on the second floor of the school, it’s the fact that it is happening at one of the busiest and most chaotic times during the school year. 

All of us students and teachers alike are grateful for the new carpet and see why it needed to be done but will continue to struggle understanding why exactly right now was the best time for change. 

The new carpet coming to the second floor of the building is great and all, but the timeliness of the event has brought a large inconvenience into the lives of both teachers and students at Riverton High School.