Battle of the Bands


Allyson Swank, Staff Writer

Every year for Silver-rush we do an annual Battle of the Bands, this years was fantastic. This year battle of the bands was on Friday the 6th. 


Sign ups to play with your band was a while back and bands have been rehearsing for weeks. They were very excited to sign up, a few of the bands are made up of seniors. It is their last Silver-rush and they want to make the most of it and participate in every activity they can.


Alexis Usher is in the band Symplicity; “[we] consist of a guitarist, 2 vocalists, a drummer, a pianist, and I am the bass player. We started rehearsing the beginning of November, twice a week for 2 hours. We play indie pop music, and playing for battle of the bands was super fun,”


Symplicity won first place for battle of the bands, they sang two songs; an original and a cover. The crowd and judges loved them, we’d love to hear them play again next year. 


The crowd got to pick their favorite band and they picked Honky Tonk Heroes; they sang country songs. They were really good at getting the crowd up and dancing.  They sang an original called, “Like a Record” they also sang a cover of, “She thinks my tractor’s Sexy,” and the crowd loved that song. 


My personal favorite was Hang Fire, they were a two person band that did heavy metal. Tyson was lead singer and played the electric guitar. The drummer was his 12 year old sister who had been learning how to play since she was very little. 


Tyson also got the crowd super excited, he got to sing 3 songs and the crowd was going crazy for him. He also started learning how to play, as well as sing when he was a kid. 


8 bands got to perform at Battle of the Bands, all doing very well. In between performances the SBOs got to challenge everyone to bring up as much money as they could to donate to Silver-rush. Many people participating in raising a huge amount of money. They also charged everyone $5 to get in; increasing the final total of money they earned that night. 


Every year they would stop to count how much they raised but they didn’t have enough time to count. We know every bit of money earned that night was more than enough to help the Charity this year. 


Everyone was so glad to help and everyone had a fantastic night at the annual Battle of the Bands.