Silver Rush! FFA Silver Horseshoe!

Silver Rush! FFA Silver Horseshoe!

Emmalee Lizzarazo, Staff Writer

Silver Horseshoe! A tradition Miss. Pommerening, the animal science teacher and advisor of the FFA, has kept up for 3 years. Each year is better than the last!


What is the Silver Horseshoe you might ask? It’s a scavenger hunt! Miss. P hides a Silver Horseshoe somewhere within the Riverton boundaries on public property.  Every week, usually Monday, she will send out a massive text with a clue of where the horseshoe is. 


How do you sign up? At just $10 a group, with a minimum of 3 people in a group, and a maximum of 5. You can either sign up during either lunch at our table or find Miss. P in room 2513, just bring the money, and sign the sheet! 


What do you win? The FFA officers make a basket full of goodies! Last year the basket had movies, a blanket, fuzzy socks, hot chocolate mixes, and cute holiday mugs! 


“I’m so excited to participate this year! I’m a sophmore and this feels like a really amazing way to get involved in the FFA!” Hannah Gates, co VP of FFA excitedly said.


“The gift basket we made is truly something amazing. I can’t reveal what’s all in the basket but it is honestly something that you can’t get anywhere else! I can’t wait to see the winners!” co VP of FFA, Josh Van Wagner elaborates. 


 “This is the 3rd year the Silver Horseshoe has taken place, and kids who joined always had a blast! But we haven’t always had the best participation, so join us! Support Silver Rush! And have fun!” Miss Pommerening speaks on the Silver Horseshoe.


“This will be my first year competing in the Silver Horseshoe, I wish I would’ve had the opportunity to do this last year, it’s a great place to make friends, and it’s so rewarding once you find it, because it feels impossible until you’ve done it!” President Ellie Jean tells


You are able to sign up with Miss. P until Monday, December 9. The second round sign ups go until the first horseshoe is found! 


We wish you the best of luck!