Riverton High’s GSA Club

Riverton High’s GSA Club

Brynn Eames, Staff Writer

Riverton High’s GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) is a club for kids in the LGBT community to have a safe space in school to get to know other LGBT kids and have a sense of belonging. Although, the club is not only for those who are LGBT. Everyone is welcome to come and participate in meetings and activities. At their most recent activity they brought in a presenter for an inclusivity training. 


Ariel Erickson is the president of GSA and runs and plans most of the meetings. Alex Holt is the vice president, Izzy Weatherhead is the secretary, and Lilly McElheny is the artist. 

Additionally there are around 25 members which, according to president Ariel Erickson is a lot more than they’ve had in previous years.


“GSA is a safe space for anyone who doesn’t feel welcome.” Says Ariel “We accept and love everyone, and we always have a good time.” 


“We try to supply support to everyone. I think the club has really positively impacted the members because we try our best to help each other and make sure we all know we have that support and that we deserve love, friendship, and are worth self love. Everyone in this club has really helped me not only to be more positive about myself but also it has helped me become a better person.” Said Lilly McElhney.


Being LGBT in highschool is tough. Especially so in a predominantly religious state. Having the GSA is a great way for those kids to get to know other kids at their school who are also in the LGBT community and have that sense of belonging among their peers. 


The club itself is full of energy and fun and everyone involved is very accepting and loving of everyone else. 


The GSA meets every Friday after school. They next plan to meet on the 6th. Nothing is planned as of yet but there are usually snacks and fun games involved in all of their meetings.