Team Trees to help the planet by planting twenty-million trees by 2020

Matthew Drachman, Editor in Cheif Float

OREGON – Mr. Beast and other Youtubers kicked off a fundraiser with the goal of planting twenty-million trees by 2020. Every dollar that goes towards this fundraiser represents one tree that gets put into the ground.


Mr. Beast, who is known on Youtube as a very charitable person, with videos showing him giving upwards of millions of dollars away to random people, kick started the campaign when his fan base asked him to plant twenty-million trees for his twenty million subscriber special.


Mr. Beast and his team contacted a charity known as the Arbor Day Foundation, which has been solely dedicated for years to planting trees.


In collaboration with many big names on Youtube, many posted videos on October 25th that started to advertise and promote the fundraiser all across Youtube. Since this date, and at the time of this article being written, “#TeamTrees” has raised nearly 14.2 million dollars to go towards 14.2 million trees.


The fundraiser caught the attention of big name executives, one of them including Space-X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Elon Musk, in honor of the event, changed his twitter name to “treebeard” and donated a million dollars towards the fundraiser. Later, Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke donated a million and one dollars to one up Elon.


Many here at Riverton High have heard about the cause, and have sought to raise awareness about the campaign. RHS Senior Alex Holtby stated, “It is a great organization and it is doing a lot of good for our planet to help slow climate change.” Alex had also contributed twenty dollars to the cause which planted twenty trees.


Mclane Cattermole, an RHS Sophomore, stated that, “I think that team trees is helping a lot because of the influence that Mr. Beast has over a lot of people. I might actually contribute myself.”


The campaign is going until January 1st of 2020, and with the current rate of donations, it is likely that Mr. Beast and youtube will reach their goal of planting twenty million trees by 2020, if not more.  The campaign has caught the eyes of high profile people, including the CEO of youtube who contributed 200,000 dollars herself. This is likely to continue if the campaign keeps its momentum.


if you wish to contribute, head to and donate there. You can also buy merch to support the cause.