Big Mouth; a look at the LGBT side of things

Big Mouth; a look at the LGBT side of things

Ellie Jean, Staff Writer

Big Mouth is an all inclusive show on Netflix. It goes through the awkward ups and downs of adolescence and puberty. In this show there are openly and closeted charaters who are exploring their sexuality, which is really awesome to see these days.


Matthew and Adian are two characters in this Netflix original who later become involved with each other. At first glance this show seems like it is based solely on stereotypes and rumors of the LGBT community, but as the seasons continue the character plots evolve. 


It sways away from stereotypes to what most find as more relatable. Many adults find this show as very relatable, or the childhood they wish they had. Due to many of these older LGBT individuals not being able to have these experiences due to the times they find it comforting that they are not alone. 


Although Big Mouth is a cartoon catered mainly towards adults, teenagers too can relate to it in one way or another and find joy in this uncomfortably weird show. I know I can relate to it now, looking back on my middle school days, but I am not an avid fan of Big Mouth because it makes me uncomfortable.


I interviewed a few individuals at Riverton High school to get their opinions on this Bizarre TV show. One of the students, Nikky Stephens, said “Yes I have seen it and it makes me uncomfortable, but I also like how they normalize the awkward things that come with growing up and yes watching it I can relate my own personal experiences such as coming out.” 


It is true this television show goes over the most awkward of things of life. Especially the things none of us have ever said out loud. Such as the hormone monster and all the thoughts he puts in these middle schoolers heads.


Another student by the name of Emmalee Lizzarazo stated “It is a disgusting television show that accurately shows what prepubescent life is like. And it is one of the first cartoons you will find with LGBT characters.”


This is true and a lot of people look at it as a how-to guide to getting through this time and  figuring out your sexuality as a young person.


And the times are changing as people are becoming more aware and accepting of the LGBT community. However that does not mean we are out of the dark ages. Homophobia is still alive and well, as many kids these days still hear the slur words and hate speech.


It is not as bad as the older generations had back then before shows like this existed, because back then it was absolutely shameful to come out. 


That’s why we need more shows like these now-a-days to help people not feel so alone, at the same time giving them something to relate too.