“The Masquerade” Mxmtoon Review

Emmalee Lizzarazo, Staff Writer

“The Masquerade” by Mxmtoon (pronounced em-ex-em-toon) is an album that beautifully combines upbeat music with sad lyrics. Her voice is one that truly carries the beauty of her words. 


She talks about love, romance, and heartbreak, but not just from lovers, from herself and family. She talks about her mental health, therapy, and depression. 


My personal favorite song from the album is “Seasonal Depression”, as it talks about how how it feels to wake up in these next few months, to see the sun disappear so quickly and feel the emptiness invades your body. 


All Mxmtoon’s songs create a sort of beauty you can’t find anywhere else.


Unspoken words is about telling someone close that you love them, no matter how much you fight, no matter if they say it often or not, she loves them. This song is one that really touches my heart, it pulls on my heart strings. 


Prom Dress talks about high school, and how almost every girl faces the expectation of being prom queen, and the sadness that overcomes them when they don’t win. Her wording in this song makes it sound like a self critic song, and I love it. “This song is one that I listen to on repeat. 


“I don’t want to turn it off,” Aceton Eaton tells. “The fact that it touches on society’s view of girls is extraordinary.”


Suffice is about loving someone and never being able to tell them, because you feel like a burden. Ruining friendships is something you never want to do, especially when it involves feelings. I’ve had this problem one too many times. 


Blame Game explains the feelings of heartbreak, after all the promises of happy ever after. Hearing you are the happily ever after they dreamed of, then it being taken away after nothing, is honestly one of the most heartbreaking things. 


High & Dry is about arguments between lovers, attacking each other in the most personal ways. Insecurities are something you should never attack, no matter who the person is. No matter the argument. 


My Ted Talk writes about how love is such a foreign thought, and how she wants to write love songs that are real. You can’t really write what you never felt.


Seasonal Depression explains the feelings of waking up to the dark, cloudy days, and how all we can do is sleep the days away. Seasonal depression is a huge thing that affects so many people, so many of you. 


Untitled is about losing somebody close and having to go through your life without them. I lied before, THIS is the most heartbreaking feeling. A feeling of a void that will never be filled, no matter how many They’re watching over you, you hear. 


Dream of You is about that fling you had a long time ago that you didn’t know was a fling. Sparking that love that you thought had died, gives you thoughts and dreams that you wish never to happen again. 


Late Nights elaborates on the feeling of love. Dreaming and thinking of your love as the nights pass. “Who hasn’t stayed up at night dreaming about their girl?” Jake Bingham comments.


Then the album restarts with acoustic versions of all the songs. 


The album was a beautiful piece that really touched my heart. I don’t know how I went so long without hearing her soft, melodious voice. She is truly an underrated artist who deserves the world.