Girls playing tackle football with the boys

Jessilyn Nielsen, Staff Writer

Many girls decide to play powderpuff as a replacement for an actual high school football team. 


This is sad simply because the main reason they don’t feel like they’ll have any opportunity to play with the guys because that’s what they’ve been told.


They’re told they don’t stand a chance because their bodies aren’t built for it. Most girls would love to have a shot playing on a high school football team, but don’t believe in themselves enough because of the effects society has on them.


Girls should at least be given the opportunity to prove they deserve the chance to be put in the game instead of immediately jumping to the conclusion that girls don’t know what they’re doing, or aren’t strong enough to compete on the same level.


Marti McCurdy said, “ I used to play tackle football with guys, but I didn’t get much of a chance to prove myself since the guys had been at it a lot longer than me.”


There are very few places that girls are allowed to join a football team and actually are put in the game as much as the guys. 


Jesse said, “I only got the chance to play football for two years because I convinced my parents to let me join too late and I ran into a high school coach that wasn’t going to put me in because he already thought I wasn’t enough.”


Sometimes there is a good reason for this but other times it’s for one reason and one reason only, they are females. There are girls that don’t know what they’re doing, but there’s also many girls that do. 


Every player deserves a chance to prove their worth, either at practice or in the game. The best player should play even if that player happens to be a girl. Girls should be encouraged to participate in high school football and not just as the cheerleaders.