AppleAirPods Pro

Brockton Herget, Staff Writer

The new AppleAirPods Pro were released on the 30th of October in stores, and on, It was more of a silent release instead of making a keynote, or having a huge announcement about it. The new Air-pods are starting a whole new Pro line. 


The AirPodsPro, being completely different themselves, also have a new case. It almost looks like the old case but being positioned in the other way, it is also a little smaller. Inside the package you will find the case, with the earphones inside. There will be a tab to lift and under will be a USB-C cord for charging, and there will be a little package with a large set of rubber tips, and a small set, with the medium set already on the earphones.


They are also introducing a whole new look, they are much shorter and they have rubber tips for added comfort and also for them to not fall out as easily. The actual part that goes into your ear is also a little bit larger. 


They have many new features compared to the old ones, with the most significant new feature being the Noise-Cancellation, and transparency mode, which you can turn on and off a couple of ways. Being from the control center, from the actual earphone, or from asking Siri to do it.


The battery life is the same as the old Air-Pods five hours for the pods, and a 24 hours for the charging case. That is unless you have the Noise Cancellation on, it can reduce your Pods battery from five hours to about 4 and ½ hours. 


Instead of only being able to have one feature per earphone, the new AirPodsPro allow you to have Noise Cancellation, skipping songs/answering calls, going backwards in songs, using the “Hey Siri” feature, and being able to play/ pause all on both earphones, and instead of a tap feature its more of a press feature, by holding a finger on the back of the stem, and then doing presses for whatever action you are trying to do. 


Cody Robinson says “They are overpriced, and too expensive, especially for their quality.” And claims that he would “much rather have beats solo 3”

Carter Larson says “They are really cool, but they are kind of expensive, but I will probably end up buying them” 


So, are they worth the new Pro name? And should they really be this expensive?